Tip of The Month:

****A recent study shows that after ONLY 4000 miles, there is 19x the carbon deposits when using NON Tier 1 gas.****

Detergents & Your Fuel System


1980’s, fuel injectors were replacing carburetors

1995, the EPA enacted minimum requirements for gasoline detergent levels (these have not changed in 20 years)

2004, several automakers created a recommendation for refiners to use additives and detergent levels in all grades of gasoline.  These recommendations were implemented and are known to us as “Top Tier” gasoline.  TOP TIER gasoline certification is voluntary!  A list of retailers and more details can be found at

Today, modern engines have higher compression ratios, leaner fuel mixtures and tighter tolerances.  Direct Injection is the new hot word in fuel systems.  If you have a car with direct injection (DI), I highly recommend ONLY using top tier gas.  This does not mean “premium”.  Many people seek to find the cheapest gas available.  If you are not using “top tier” gas, consider fuel system cleaners at regular service intervals to help alleviate fuel system and carbon build-up.

Happy  Gassing!

*some info taken from Maintenance Matters/July 2015