[Jan 28, 2019]  THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING US ON OUR JOURNEY!  We are now open and taking appointments!  We appreciate YOU!  We appreciate your referrals!  We appreciate your good online reviews!  We are blessed to serve you!

[Jan 23, 2019]  Seriously, one thing after another!!!!  Even having several computers inop, no internet, no phones, no whatever!!!  But it seems we have most everything ironed out!  Today we painted some lines, moved some signs, made a list of more little things to address, AND started making phone calls!!! After 6 LONG months, we are ready to open the doors! If you haven’t heard from me, please call me tomorrow!  I’m booking appointments for next week (28th-2nd) for current clients!!!!! We will be opening to the general public on Monday, Feb 4th!!! We are SO SO grateful for your patience and patronage!!!! We are so excited to show you our new space!!!! We are blessed to CONTINUE to serve this community!!!

[Jan 9, 2019]  We have everything ready to go on our end!  Unfortunately, we are waiting on a few very necessary things that are totally out of our control!  Keep prayers going!  Keep patience!  I will be making calls very soon to line up the appointments.  Thank you for your patronage to our small business!!!

[Jan 2, 2019]  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  I NEVER thought that this would take so long and that we would still be unemployed in January!   It has been a long, hard road!  But we are seeing the light at the end.  We can’t confirm a re-opening date just yet BUT it should be in the the next couple of weeks!  PLEASE stay tuned!   We are working diligently to finish!

[Dec 26, 2018]  OH THE DELAYS!!!  I don’t want to gripe too much publicly, but we are very frustrated with the way things have been going.  So much out of our control!!!  Unfortunately, we can NOT begin all the things we need to do and get moved in until others finish their work.  We are really trying to stay focused on the positive and getting opened as soon as possible.  Also, we didn’t get to say MARRY CHRISTMAS!!!   My computer went down a couple of weeks ago and it has been a struggle to function.  Lastly, please feel free to call us but be patient as we aren’t always available to immediately answer the phone.  PLEASE leave a message and we will return the call!!!!  Be sure to tell your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors about us!!!!  We are SOOOOOO ready to get open and begin working again!!!!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT!  It has kept us going!!!!

[Dec 3, 2018]  Well December is here!  The interior build out was going great and now seems to be at a snail’s pace.  I guess frustration and impatience is setting in again!  BUT the focus is that we are making progress.  We still need lots of prayer to get this job done and get open for business ASAP!  What a wonderful Christmas present this would be!!!!

[Nov 21, 2018] HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  GREAT NEWS!  We got a key this week!  We have started on the floors!  Framing for interior walls began today!  Plumbing is going in!  Still a few snags that we can’t control including a county mandated address change.  So we sit on the corner of US 41 S and Shirley Ave in Gibsonton.  If you are traveling north on 41, we about 2 blocks north of Palm Ave (w/ a traffic light).  Shirley Ave is on the west side of 41 (across from the Sonoco).  Look for a fenced property that will be shared with Cool Bird AC.  You will enter property from Shirley Ave.  Our original address was 10815 US Hwy 41 S.  It is now going to be 6140 Shirley Ave.  It will not make sense if you pull up on Google.  Hopefully our banner will be up next week to help!  Thank you for continued prayers and encouragement!!!!  Photos and daily updates are posted to our FB page (Southbay Auto Service – Asian Specialists)

[Nov 12, 2018] Warning: Transparency alert!  We certainly had hoped to have answers by now.  But sadly, we don’t.  We hate putting everyone off.  It has been especially difficult here not being able to work in anticipation of reopening the shop in full swing!  PLEASE continue to pray that the details are taken care of swiftly and without further delay.  It’s getting difficult to remain positive, though we have to push through with hope of great things to come.

[Oct 22, 2018] Well frustration and impatience are hard to handle.  Things are progressing slowly, but still no re-opening date in sight.  THANK YOU for bearing with us!  We look forward to announcing everything!!!!

[Oct 8, 2018]  Address is still waiting approval as the lot is being split. AND the building is getting an outside modification, so it’s not good to post pictures yet! Plumbing and office walls are also going in this week! I’m so excited! Please continue the prayers – we can NOT hit any more delays!!!!

[Sept 27, 2018]  FINALLY!! Permits came thru! A fire wall has to be put in to divide the space between us and another business. This is hopefully going to be done in the next 5 days! Some exterior modifications have to be done. Then electrical, plumbing, interior walls, paint, and more – OMGOODNESS!!! Still 5-6 weeks from reopening but things are going to start rolling! Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and support! I can’t wait to share progress!!!


[Sept 6, 2018]  This was posted to our GoFundMe campaign:

It has been a challenging road the past 6 weeks! We feel like we are where we started 10 years ago!!! We are still waiting on permits from Hillsborough County in order to EVEN consider moving forward in a new location. It’s getting tough just sitting and being patient! Not easy for people who are always doing something! We are totally trusting God’s timing in the process.  Some positives in this “down time”: We have grown together more in family time. We have grown together more as we spend individual time with our children. Mike and I have grown together more as a couple. It is amazing how much time he and I have spent serving others and lost track of our marriage. We have been able to address issues in our home, immediately. We have spent more time together, as we don’t have the means to do other things. It hasn’t been easy going from hardly seeing each other to being together constantly – but it has been a blessing!!! We are stronger mentally and spiritually! We are appreciative of this break, but ready to get back at it! Mike has always taken pride in what he does. He doesn’t like to send you away to another repair place. This business is our dream! This business is our legacy for our family! We are anticipating the day when we can roll up the doors and see each of you again!!! We miss the stories; doing life with so many people in our community. Please know we are only a click or phone call away. THANK YOU for your continued support, love, and prayers! We need you to make this business happen! We certainly don’t take that for granted!!!

[Aug 24, 2018]  Well, nearly a month of just sitting and praying!  After a meeting last week, we are still waiting on final permits for the building.  Once those are in hand, we are ready to go forward!   There will be several weeks of interior buildout to complete.  Most materials have been ordered.  We are getting as antsy as you are!  Hang in there!  The time will hopefully go by quickly!!

[Aug 1, 2018]  We are no longer at the 10623 Big Bend Rd, Riverview address.  We have moved all of our belongings to storage as we anxiously await the completion of our new 3600 sq ft steel building!!!!  This new location is conveniently located on Hwy 41 in Gibsonton.  We are waiting on some final permits to be approved and then we can get in to do interior buildout.  The permitting seems to take longer than the estimated build out time.  We are praying to be in sometime in September!  Please keep us in your prayers!!!  Thank you for your patience during this transition!!!  Our phone lines, email, and FB page are all still operating!!


[July 24] The shop, as we have known it for 10 years, is almost empty.  Packing and loading into storage container is almost complete.  A few last things to squeeze in or move home!  On Monday, the last 3 lifts will be disassembled and moved.  Then that’s it!  Please continue to share with you friends that we have NOT closed, we have simply moved.  Please continue to watch the website and FB page for updates!!!  Please continue to pray that things at the other end move quickly!!  We can’t wait to reopen and serve our community!  ***Also, if you have any contacts with neighborhood pages or new home packets in the Gibsonton area, please let us know.  This will be a new marketing area for us and we want to get a jump on it!!!

[July 17]  WOW!!!  It’s getting real!!!  If you haven’t been by lately – you may not recognize the place as ours!  We are still here packing and breaking it all down and packing some more!  The attic is empty.  The office is in boxes.  The front windows have been stripped.  The 30′ neon sign is being removed this week.  Our lifts are being disassembled and transported to storage.  Vendors are picking up items that we aren’t going to store.  40′ storage container will be here soon too.  Please remember our FB page is updated almost daily and our phone lines will be open during transition!!!

[June 30] THE NEWS WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: We have to be off the premises by July 31st. With packing and moving (to storage) our last day of business will be Friday, July 13th. Facebook and website will be updated regularly during our transition. Our PHONE LINES will also still be working during transition. Although we recognize that car repairs and maintenance will be necessary during this time, we do not want to lose our customers. We will make EVERY effort possible to keep you up to date on everything! Thank you for your loyalty and support. Please follow our GoFundMe page if you can contribute financially. Thank you! “We are blessed to serve you!”

[May 31] After 10 years, we have lost our lease at our current location.   We don’t have an exact timeline for the transition but we are staying in business!  We will continue with updates here (on website) and on our Facebook page.  We plan to send out postcards with new address and reopening date.  Please ensure that your address and phone number are up to date in our records.  This transition is not without its challenges.  It is very costly and time consuming.  So after much prayer and consideration, we are asking for YOUR help to get us to the next chapter.   PLEASE consider a monetary gift via our GoFundMe campaign ( https://www.gofundme.com/new-chapter-for-southbay-auto-svc).  We didn’t get to 10 years without you!  Help us to continue our mission!  If you can’t help this way, please pray for us, as this is a challenging time at work and at home!  Share the word about how much you love our business!   Continue to trust in us and bring your cars to us for service!  Leave a positive review on FB, Google, Yelp, etc.  **If you don’t agree with us or we have not resolved your car issues, please come to us first so that we can discuss.**  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, LOVE, AND ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We look forward to serving the South Shore community for many more!  “We are blessed to serve you!”